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The 10 Most Incredible Airbnbs From Around The World

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Traveling is getting continuously easier on your wallet, leaving you little-to-no excuse for missing out on visiting your dream destinations from around the world. These days, choosing your holiday location is as simple as a google search — pick a place, buy your ticket, organise leave from work and BAM! You’re there in no time! But when it comes to picking out accommodation options, some are truly better than the rest. While hotels or hostels offer basic accommodation, a local’s home is always the more immersive way to go. Not only will you have an opportunity to pick the hell out of your host’s brain for the best local recommendations, you might also make a super cool friend in the process.

For those who have never heard of Airbnb, it’s a website that was founded in 2008 and, with 150 million active users, has quickly positioned itself as a go-to website for affordable worldwide accommodation.

These are my 10 most incredible Airbnbs from around the world…

Unreal Tree House – Bali, Indonesia

Photo: Airbnb
This little piece of paradise is nicknamed ‘the mushroom villa’ by the locals, after the little mushshroom-shaped huts, comes with its own turquoise coloured pool. Visitors are treated to beautiful views of palm trees and are only a short walking distance from the ocean.

Unique Cob Cottage – Mayne Island, Canada
Photo: Airbnb
Private, quiet and equipped with all the amenities you could possibly need, this cottage is like something out of a fairy-tale! Anyone up for a weekend getaway? This place has you covered.

Tuscan treehouse – Monferrato, Italy
Photo: Airbnb
Airbnb users go insane for this tree house overlooking the hills in Italian wine-country. The house even comes with an old wine cellar that’s centuries old and is still stocked with barrels. I’m not a big wine drinker, but…ya know, when in Rome.

Private Pool Villa – Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Airbnb
If you’re looking for something new and modern,  take a look a this place! Built in 2013, the private pool villa boasts pretty slate pathways that run through the property and into the tropical forest. If you’re not the type that enjoys lounging by the pool sipping mojitos in the afternoon and taking long, drawn out siestas then this place is definitely not for you.

The Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Photo: Airbnb
Just have a look at this place! Designed as a pair of seashells, this outrageous listing carries the theme both on the inside and out. Everything from the shower heads to the headboards are crafted out of shells. The property comes with its own pool and there’s also a nearby beach to enjoy. Needless to say, this seashell heaven should be on everybody’s radar!

Bamboo House – Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Airbnb
This-one-of-a-kind bamboo house is an absolute work of art and is set in the river valley landscape along Bali’s sacred Ayung River. You enter the house through a giant bamboo tube and follow the network of large corridors and staircases into a unbelievable collection of luxurious floors and rooms. The awe inspiring architecture of this house doesn’t just makes the adults go “woooooooaaaaah”, I can also imagine kids tripping balls in this seriously groovy space.

Teepee Cottage – The Great Geysir, Iceland
Photo: Airbnb
This Egyptian-looking Icelandic cottage is close to some of Iceland’s greatest geysers and monumental mountains. This home offers comfort to the adventurers willing to take on nature at its greatest. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this doubled as a spaceship.

House Boat – Marina Del Rey, California, United States
Photo: Airbnb
While this luxury apartment may look and feel like a boat, it sadly won’t be going to sea any time soon. Grounded on the Pacific coast of the USA, this odd apartment building is only a short walk from picturesque beaches and bustling nightlife.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B Cottonwood, Idaho, United States
Photo: Airbnb
Ever wanted to spend the night sleeping up a dog’s butt? I sure have! If you’re looking to escape with your dog in tow, this strange bed and breakfast is one of only a few places on Airbnb that actually allows animals. It’s definitely something to tell the grand-kids about.

Casa Arbol – San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
Photo: Airbnb
Whoever said tree houses are just for kids is a dirty liar. As this one proves, you can still be surrounded by beautiful nature, childhood nastalgia and still live the life of luxury. Take a dip in the pool and watch the wildlife of the jungle below.

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– Jarrod


  1. Wow! Loving these AirBNB ideas on here and hopefully now I can check some of these out when I get out to these places. Great list my friend 🙂

  2. There’s even a airplane airbnb somewhere! My favourite from your list is the treehouse and the one on Isla Mujeres!

  3. I was curious about some prices and so just checked AirBnB—in US dollars, that Tuscan treehouse is $153 a night. There are other treehouses around; in fact they have a page for the “top 20 treehouses in Italy” at various prices. I think if anyone likes a certain type of dwelling on this page, they could search AirBnB for other locations of that type as well.

  4. What unique finds on Airbnb. We usually just grab an apartment! ha. I love the look of Teepee Cottage in Iceland and of course the jungle pool in Nicaragua.

  5. I love anything w/a private pool but the seashell house looks especially interesting. I’ve found some really interesting places on Airbnb. I would love to stay at any of these.

  6. I have been to the Seashell house! It’s so cool! Would love to go to the one in Indonesia! Nice post! 🙂

  7. Wait, I’m so confused. These are places you have stayed in? So crazy! That dog park place in Idaho is a little much for me, but I’d die to stay in that one in Iceland! So cool!

  8. I’m ready to go to all of these! The Dog Bark Park one is so funny and fun! All the ones in Bali I’d be into, and of course the seashell and boat. Great idea for a post!

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