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Want To Start Blogging? Here’s My Quick 6 Step Guide To Starting Your Own Blog…

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With the creation of blogging platforms like WordPress, starting a blog has become pretty damn easy. Got a passion and internet access? Well why not start blogging about it? After all, blogging isn’t just for professional writers and journalists, it’s for normal people like you and me who wish to share their passion with the world! Don’t worry, starting a blog sounds a lot harder than it is, I mean, If I can do it, there is no reason as to why it should be difficult for anyone else.

These are my 6 simple steps to starting your own blog…

Side note: The very first thing I noticed when using wordpress was the fact that there are two versions: and

The .com version is hosted for free by wordpress, however it’s very basic and frustratingly restrictive when wanting to modify things to your liking. The .org version is self hosted and able to be modified to your exact wants and needs. I have tried both and can confidently say that is a far superior option.

1. What’s your passion or what are you wanting to write about?
An easy way of figuring this out is to ask yourself a simple question: On what subject could I see myself enthusiastically writing 100+ articles? Got it? Okay, good!

2. Get a host and a domain
In order to publish your blog online, you’ll be needing a host. The host stores all the pages of your blog and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet, whereas the domain is simply your website address.

Personally, I use a company called Bluehost. As well as having awesome 24/7 customer service, Bluehost is super easy to use and pretty cheap.

These are the easy steps needed to get your Bluehost account up and running…

Click here to head on over to Bluehost and click ‘get started now’.

Choose your plan.

Choose a domain you want to you use.

Assuming you don’t already have a domain, I suggest you take some time to think about what you want your blog’s site address will be.

Enter your info.

Enter billing info, tick the little box and click ‘Submit’.


3. Installing and logging into WordPress
From your Bluehost dashboard scroll down and click on ‘Install wordpress’.

Then click ‘Start’.

Choose the the domain you created in step 2.


Click the ‘show advanced options’ box and fill in your preferred username and password for your WordPress login and then press ‘Install Now’.


To get to your login page simply add ‘/wp-admin‘ to the end of your blog’s domain name. Eg. login with your new username and password.

After logging in be sure to familiarise yourself with everything. The ‘dashboard’ section is where all the magic happens so make yourself at home because you’re bound to spending quite some time here.

4. Pick And Edit Your theme
Picking a theme is probably the most fun you’re going to have during this entire process, however I suggest thoroughly looking over each theme as it’s a bit of a hassle having to change your entire layout further down the line. You also have the option to purchase premium themes, but I’ve always found the free themes to be satisfactory.

5. Take Advantage Of Social Media
This is a big one! Whilst writing up a blog post and posting it to your blog is nice and easy, getting your kick-ass content in front of eye balls could be seen as the most challenging part. Luckily, with the help of literally billions of people on social media, this has been made a whole lot easier. Start by utilising Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to gain followers and to post your blog updates. It’s free and proven to be ridiculously effective, so this is an absolute no-brainer.

6. Start blogging
This is the start of something beautiful, so what are you waiting for?

It’s super easy to start sharing your passion with the world.

Click here to get started with Bluehost today!

Happy blogging!


  1. Mike

    Super Useful, thanks Jared!

  2. Jessiiiii

    Bluehost huh? Will have to have a look at them!

  3. vik

    Haven’t really heard of Bluehost BUT will ahve a look. Need a new host!

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