8 Reasons Why I Choose A Life Of Minimalism


There is change in the air. Something is happening to the way normal people like you and me are living their lives. A lifestyle change so simple, yet proven effective, has begun weaseling its way back into the lives of many people from all over the world.

The minimalist lifestyle has become quite the topic of conversation as a new generation of humans begin to realise that acquisition doesn’t necessarily have to be your ultimate goal. An ever-growing percentage of millennials seemingly have other things in mind as we begin to question why a life void of living your passion in order to satisfy a predetermined consumerist narrative is seen as the modern day norm.

But, what does being a minimalist actually mean?

According to google it’s a “movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s”, however I’m pretty sure there’s a completely different and far more relevant definition of the word.

In short being a minimalist means finding the most important things in your life and investing most of your time into these things. The majority of the time you realise that most physical things aren’t exactly what you need and therefore become unnecessary in your day to day life.

It’s about asking yourself: what brings me value and what is REALLY important to me? Do I REALLY need this? Does all of this make me as productive and happy as I could be? It’s not about sacrifice, it’s about understanding that letting go of the unneeded will allow you to focus on more important things.

Learning to live without the unnecessary has had unmistakably profound results on the way I live my life. No, I don’t live in a wooden cabin out in the wilderness, cooking my tiny meals on a home made stove in the darkness and using nothing but a bush as an outdoor bathroom. There are obviously varying degrees at which minimalism is embraced and although some people may, I choose not to go to that extreme.

A lot of people might say: well what a stupid idea that one is! Why would I choose not to buy all the things that have been made readily available to me? I have worked hard and therefor I can live the way I want to! This is something I cannot argue with. You absolutely have the right to live however you wish, however most people are unaware of the benefits of living a life of minimalism.

Here are my 8 reasons for why I chose a life of minimalism….

A healthier mind8-reasons-why-i-choose-a-life-of-1Less things to clutter your mind provides you with a great opportunity to work on your mindset. “What am I going to buy today?” quickly turns into “What am I going to learn today?”

Understanding your purposehappy-465293_960_720How the hell are you supposed to work on your own purpose if your focus is on trivial bullshit that doesn’t allow you to learn and grow? Eliminating this will allow you to be inspired by how important you can be.

Moneycoins-1523383_960_720This is an obvious one. Less money spent on stuff equates to more money in your pocket. How else you choose to spend your money, whether it be on travel or education, is up to you.

Lifestyleperson-1209310_960_720Less commitments will free up your time and allow you to do things you truly want to do. Doing things suddenly becomes more enjoyable than buying things.

Building better relationshipsmay-703626_960_720Whether it be your love life or simply friendship, minimalism will allow you to spend more time with a loved one, create new friends and keep in contact with existing ones.

Confidence is key8-reasons-why-i-choose-a-life-of-2Without the comfort of having your fancy house, car, phone, clothes and/or Olympic sized swimming pool do the talking for you, you will become unbelievably strong minded and able to focus on only the things that allow you to become awesome.

Helping othershelp-1468281_960_720Freeing your mind will also provide time for you to help others free their own. How are you suppose to be able to help someone else see what’s best for them if you don’t have the time to see what’s best for you?

Travel, travel, traveltravel12Living out of a suitcase becomes the easiest thing in the world. You’ll quickly learn that the experience is infinitely more valuable than what you’ve crammed into your suitcase.

Disagree? Let me know why in the comments section below.

– Jarrod


  1. I agree! I recently took a pay cut to move to a tiny town in order to invest in the things that matter most to me: my family and my future and leading a life of less. While I’m not living out if a suit case, I am learning to take on travel in bite sized pieces! Nice post.

  2. I’d love to say I embrace a minimalist lifestyle so that I can focus on the things I want in life. But I love ‘stuff’ too much, whether or not most of it is necessary! I think it’s possible to have both, it’s all a question of balance, not extremes. Totally agree though that confidence goes a long way in helping realising those dreams.

  3. Some of your eight points could spawn a philosophy dissertation. Hard to argue against minimalism, but I think people will concentrate on the material aspects of this approach (own less stuff) and not on the focus. To me, minimalism would mean simply minimizing the stuff in your life that takes up time and money that are not part of the most important part of your life, as you decide it. It would be fine to own 100 pairs of shoes, as long as you’re not spending extra time working to pay for them or care for them.

  4. I really enjoyed this post. I’ve never tried to define it but I think I too live a life of minimalism. Or maybe I’m just stingy. I don’t buy anything I don’t need – preferring to save all of my $$$ on Travel alone. Thanks for the awesome post!

  5. Fantastic points and what a great perspective to have! I strive for minimalism, knowing the benefits are undeniable, but as a recovering participant of modern society, its a hard road sometimes! Congrats on maintaining your choices!

  6. As I have gotten older I find myself moving more and more in that direction. It’s definitely more freeing to have your attention on more important things, especially my faith. Great post!!

  7. I remember following a couple of minimalist bloggers some years ago and only now its getting into my system. I think it’s because I feel like being chocked with all the unnecessary clutters. I’m now at that point where I know exactly what I need most importantly and they’re very few indeed.
    Thanks for your post. It sort of reinforced my current action plan.

  8. Loved reading this and definitely have to agree with most of it! We love to try and live a minimalist lifestyle as much as we can, especially when we are travelling!

  9. I agree with minimizing. Who needs all the junk in your life that weighs you down? Give us a ticket to a destination we would love to see, a small backpack, and enough cash for food and lodging and a couple sightseeing expenses. Life is good!

  10. I totally agree with all of these. I’m also personally, little by little, transitioning myself to be a minimalist. I’ve already since a huge impact in my lifestyle even just after giving up make up and fancy clothing and stick to what is necessary!

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