A Quick Look At The 4 Best Beaches In Oaxaca, Mexico


Ahhh Mexico, a place seen by Donald Trump and his supporters as a country that brings nothing but rapist and drug dealers to the USA, though, most sane people that have ever had the pleasure of visiting will tell you that the food is delicious, its people curious and friendly and the beaches, for lack of better words are, wet, sandy and beautiful.

Oaxaca (pronounced wa-ha-ka) is a state in the south of Mexico best know for its indigenous people, cultures and …cheese, however the beaches are the primary reason for the enormous amount of this state’s annual tourism. The beaches are located a lengthy 8 hour bus ride from Oaxaca City, but if you think that’s too long for your precious little bum to sit on a seat, it’s nothing a quick 30 minute flight can’t fix.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of the big bustling cities some people can’t seem get enough of,  it’s not that I have an overwhelming hatred of them, there’s simply something much more alluring about a nice little town located conveniently next to a beach.

Here’s a quick look at the best beaches of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Playa Carrizalillo

Playa Carrizalillo

This beach is pretty small, but as they say “All good beaches come in small coves.” Okay, I made that up, but it’s true! This little stunner is great for surfing and can be reached by making your way down 157 steps.  If you’ve got a sharp eye, you’ll notice quite a few beach bars off to the left  of the photo below.  Piña Colada, anyone?

…No? Okay, well you know where to find me.




This is a nudist beach. I would feel strange taking photos and posting them on my blog to prove this to you, but trust me, it’s a nudist beach. Rent a cabana and watch the waves crash against the gold-ish white sand. Eat delicious local food as the sun goes down on another peaceful, uneventful day, and enjoy a healthy looking bank balance as it’s quite possible to find a hostel bed for only $5 (or so) a night.

Chill, get some sun, take your clothes off…like… all of them.


Puerto Angel

puerto angel

Dolphins. Yes, I said dolphins. There are dolphins here.

For probably less than the price of a coffee in Australia you can catch a ride out to see the graceful mammals in all their glory. There’s obviously no guarantee you’ll be seeing dolphins, but I definitely did. So…yeah.




puerto escondido2

Another famous surfing area just minutes from funky restaurants and surf shops lies possibly my favourite beach in Oaxaca. Located in fabulous Puerto Escondido, this place brings some monster waves and is generally not swim-safe, however with its 3-kilometre stretch of sand backed up onto one of mexico’s sweetest little beach towns, this place is hard to beat.

–  Jarrod

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